An analysis of the idea of chivalry and romance in the middle ages

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An analysis of the idea of chivalry and romance in the middle ages

The historical record, directly from 12th century sources, conclusively proves that the Templar Order was never against Islam as a religion, Muslims were in fact admitted to membership in the Templar Order as an exception, and the Sultan Salahadin himself was given the Templar Knighting Ceremony near Alexandria.

By this authentic arrangement, Muslims enjoy full and equal participation in the general membership activities and events of the Templar Order, through the separate affiliate Order, while maintaining the distinct cultural identities of both Orders.

This gives modern Templars the genuine medieval experience of interaction with their historical counterparts, in the finest tradition of mutual cooperation in true Chivalry. Proprietary Research — This site presents new and original research, which is proprietary, from primary sources in the historical record.

The numbered source references are the verifiable evidence of all relevant facts. The Templar Order now shares this with the general public for the first time, as part of its core mission of restoring venerable traditions as the pillars of civilization. Indeed, evil-doers are essentially the enemies of all Faith, opposed to the principle of religion itself, and are thus the enemies of God.

Rather, the Knights Templar were Holy warrior-monks fighting for good against evil, regardless of which religions may or may not be involved. One key amendment ca. The Muslim Knight is only required not to violate Templar rules, and is equally not obligated to do anything which would violate a doctrine of the other religion.

That fact that such a Rule was added is compelling evidence that the Grand Mastery had given permission to admit Muslims in many such cases over the years, giving rise to the necessity of codifying the amendment.

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The mere existence of this Rule proves that the Templars authentically regarded all religions as fundamentally compatible, and rejected the idea that doctrines of different religions could ever really be in conflict. Supported by references in 12th century chronicles, a more detailed account was written in 13th century manuscripts dated ca.

During the third crusade ca. Saladin requested that Count Hue perform the Templar knighthood induction ceremony on him, promising in exchange the unconditional release of the captured Knight. The sacred ceremony was performed, and Saladin, satisfied that he was now officially a Brother Knight of the Templar Order, released Count Hue as promised.

An analysis of the idea of chivalry and romance in the middle ages

The 12th century Crusader, Oxford scholar and historian Geoffrey de Vinsauf also recorded a contemporary account of the Templar Knighting of Saladin: This makes sense, because Enfrid was Prince of Jerusalem, and not otherwise known to be a Knight of the Templar Order itself.

Sometimes the ceremony has been affirmed, but the manner of it varied. Verified Templar history, from authentic sources of the original Order itself, admit and confirm that the Grand Mastery officially considered the leader of Muslim Saracen Chivalry, the Sultan Saladin himself, to be a Templar Brother Knight in the Order of the Temple of Solomon as of ca.

Therefore, the legitimate continuation of the Templar Order cannot possibly deny the proven history that Muslims were and must continue to be authentically accepted as full and equal members of the Order.

Therefore, authentic Templarism cannot possibly reject nor oppose the very same Muslim Chivalry which made substantial contributions to its finest traditions and most inspired humanitarian ideals, and which remains a central part of genuine Templar heritage.

Accordingly, the Order has a clear moral obligation, as one of its authentic historical missions, to restore and share those treasures of Muslim heritage, as a gift back to the Muslim and Sufi communities in the modern era, in gratitude for their own major contributions to the positive development of civilization.

They inspired the poet to sing and the warrior to fight. The women played a role comparable to a great extent to the role the ladies were later to play in Western Chivalry. While the modern Order of the Temple of Solomon preserves its own Christian traditions, as well as its more ancient origins as the foundation of all spiritual religions, its membership is otherwise interfaith and non-denominational.-The idea of the round table From king Arthur strengthen the idea of Code of chivalry in between knights -the most commonly recognized form of chivalry in the Middle Ages is chivalry towards women -also known as "courtly love chivalry." Courtly Love.

Romantic love is revered by those who seek it, and often reviled by those who cannot find it. The concept, also known as amor, was born in the romance of medieval literature and held to be an important aspect of leslutinsduphoenix.comunately, what we have inherited of this idea is little more than an empty shell of the original concept.

A uthentically, the original Knights Templar rejected the idea of the “Crusades” as supposedly being to eliminate Muslims or eradicate Islam. This historical fact is proven by the Temple Rule of AD, in which the Templar Order criticized that the Crusades “ did not do what it should, that is to defend but strove to plunder, despoil and kill ” (Rule 2).

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An analysis of the idea of chivalry and romance in the middle ages

motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom to serve all, but love only one” (Balzac 1). During the Medieval Age, there once existed a moral system that introduced a set of conducts such as, virtues, honor, and courtly love.

This was known as the Code of Chivalry. Courtly love (Occitan: Fin'amor French: Amour Courtois) was a medieval European literary conception of love that emphasized nobility and leslutinsduphoenix.comal literature is filled with examples of knights setting out on adventures and performing various services for ladies because of their "courtly love".

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