Cardiovascular case studies

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Cardiovascular case studies

He had a positive nuclear stress test that showed reduced blood flow to the left ventricle with a high suspicion for coronary artery disease.

John Resar, the director of the cardiac catheterization lab at Johns Hopkins performed the procedure. In order to reduce blood loss from the cardiac catheterization, the approach was planned through the radial artery in the arm rather than the femoral artery in the groin. This approach is associated with reduced bleeding during and after the procedure.

As expected, the procedure revealed high-grade triple vessel disease narrowing that was not treatable with coronary stents. Coronary artery bypass surgery was recommended. John Conte performed the coronary bypass surgery. Of interest is the fact that inDr.

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In this case presented here, he decided the patient would be best served by performing an "off-pump" cardiac surgery where the heart lung bypass machine is not used. The 4-hour surgery went very well. The saphenous vein from his right leg was harvested using an endoscopic approach.

Compared to the traditional technique, this method uses a smaller incision to harvest the vein. The internal mammary artery and the saphenous vein were both used to provide blood flow to the narrowed coronary arteries.

The hemoglobin level was Two weeks after the surgery, the patient attended the open house for our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program and looked and felt "as good as ever".

With the patient and her family present, they reviewed the echocardiogram and cardiac catheterization report from another hospital. At the time, a discussion took place about the various methods of blood conservation and the various alternatives to transfusion. The patient and her family agreed that blood salvage Cell Saver and intraoperative autologous normovolemic hemodilution IANH were acceptable options.

The patient was sent to the lab for routine blood tests and her hemoglobin level was suboptimal The patient was scheduled for a 3-week course of erythropoietin and intravenous iron at the infusion clinic at Johns Hopkins. The patient responded nicely to the treatments and her hemoglobin level increased to After the patient was under general anesthesia, 2 units of her own blood were removed as part of the IANH technique.

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These 2 units would be given back to her near the end of the surgery. After the surgical procedure, the patient was noted to have some cardiac ischemia deficient blood flow to the left coronary artery.

She was taken to the cardiac cath lab where a coronary stent was placed by an interventional cardiologist into her left main coronary artery. The next day she was weaned of the ventilator and she recovered nicely. Our Bloodless team Hematology consultant, Dr.The George Mateljan Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with no commercial interests or advertising.

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Cardiovascular case studies

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Starting with the hawthorn for heart and arteries, .

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