Clearion software case study

Our role is to protect national security by helping to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure to terrorism, hostile state actors and other threats. CPNI works with a variety of partners to identify risks to and reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure, focusing in particular on critical national infrastructure CNI. Key partners include government departments and devolved government with responsibility for infrastructure sectors; businesses and organisations with those sectors that own or operate CNI; and other security specialists and advice delivery partners, including the Police.

Clearion software case study

It's a rural county with approximately 46, residents in a square-mile area. Clarion County is also home to the Clarion University of Pennsylvania, which adds approximately 4, additional residents to the population throughout the school year.

To keep this population safe, Clarion County dispatches for nine law enforcement agencies, 19 fire departments and eight emergency medical service agencies using New World Enterprise Computer Aided Dispatch CAD software from Tyler Technologies.

The Challenge Prior to using New World, Clarion County used a public safety software system with several obstacles including: CAD recommendations for calls for service did not work Inconsistencies with automatic state-required medical dispatching questions functionality Manual, time-constraining updates in the mapping system While each of these problems posed a significant challenge to sending a timely response, all three problems made dispatching difficult in Clarion County.

When dispatching a fire emergency, dispatchers frequently relied on their own geographical knowledge of an area to send the right units to the scene. But it still required them to look up information on paper to identify where units were stationed before sending the response.

To combat these issues, officials with Clarion County wanted a CAD system that would help dispatchers send a faster, better response to the community. New World Enterprise CAD offers user-friendly, Windows-based technology with embedded Esri mapping technology, which helps dispatchers view available resources for better responses.

This decision provided the county with the technology necessary to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies. Dispatchers use actionable intelligence found in automatic CAD recommendations to send a faster response to emergencies In a fire emergency, these recommendations address the location, structures involved and equipment and rescue units needed for the response.

This functionality replaced paper processes and run cards, resulting in a faster, reliable response. Built-in questionnaire functionality provides dispatchers with the right questions to ask when medical help is needed. This functionality is compliant with state and national guidelines.

Dispatchers are better able to provide medical direction to callers while first responders are en route to the scene. This ability helps potentially save lives as dispatchers have the tools on hand necessary to guide callers through an emergency. Enhanced mapping functionality helps send a faster response.

With automatic updates and Esri-powered digital maps and routing, dispatchers with Clarion County are better able to route first responders to the scene without hindrances or delays.

Data updates and synchronizes automatically, so CAD never goes offline. This ensures the agency is prepared for current and future standards. Summary Clarion County helps its law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies serve the community by using CAD software that provides mapping, routing, recommendations, reporting and information sharing capabilities.

Industry-leading New World public safety software from Tyler has a proven track record of providing agencies across the country with fully-integrated software designed to help public safety personnel save lives, time and money.

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Clearion software case study

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Clearion software case study

The UK's leading national security event for professionals tasked with protecting business, national infrastructure, governments and nations against terrorism. Focusing on current & future threats, how to mitigate them and the security capabilities needed. Apr 27,  · Esri News for Electric & Gas Utillities—Spring 1.

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The company had gone through many ups GROUP ASSIGNMENT- CASE STUDY INTRODUCTION Michael Dell founded the Dell. Clearion is an enterprise system that offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of workflows, across many industries, on behalf of many user groups.

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