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Move into the next room and search the body at the other end to trigger a short scene. Gun him down and then move to the hall.

Dead man walking study guide

Add your rating What's the story? He enlists the assistance of a nun, Helen Prejean Susan Sarandonto help overturn his death sentence. The film covers the difficult territory of providing comfort and compassion to those who may not seem worthy of comfort or compassion.

Prejean, whose best-selling book of the same title inspired the fictionalized movie, says she feels "called" by her religious duty to help Poncelet "die with dignity," something she believes he can only do if he admits his wrongdoing and shows remorse.

She suggests various biblical passages that might lead him to owning up to his heinous deeds. But he proves a difficult case as he comes on to her sexually, which she rebuffs swiftly, and proclaims his racist, white supremacist, pro-Nazi views in television interviews.

This and the fact that the full extent of his acts are shown in flashback make this a movie recommended for only the oldest and most mature teens. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Director Tim Robbinswho co-wrote the script with Prejean, sets the ugliness of his death row convict and that man's violent actions against a moving Pakistani Sufi devotional chanting-influenced score by David Robbins.

Sarandon gives an exceptional performance as a servant of God in conflict as she shows a man who is seemingly beyond redemption some form of love despite his actions and views.

Dead man walking study guide

Her emotional equilibrium is tested by her equally empathetic response to the parents of the teenagers killed by Poncelet and his friend, and her interactions with those bereft victims make for some of the movie's most riveting scenes. There is a good deal of talk about Jesus Christ and his forgiveness and willingness to undergo crucifixion in order to help all mortals be absolved of their sins, as per Catholic doctrine.

Given the seemingly irredeemable evil of Poncelet, the movie goes too far when it exploits the visual similarity of Poncelet strapped to the execution gurney with arms spread out to the posture of the Christ figure stretched out on the cross. It feels obvious, unimaginative, and in uncharacteristically poor taste given the quality of the rest of the film.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about whether the death penalty is a just and fair punishment for terrible crimes. Why do we kill people to show that killing is wrong? Sister Prejean has stated that her advocacy for death row inmates has nothing to do with guilt or innocence as she says that it's easy to forgive the innocent.

What do you think that means? The parents of the victims respond differently to the nun's sympathetic approaches to them. One couple throws her out of the house for taking the killer's side. Another father confesses mixed feelings about his desire for revenge and his hatred of the killer.Feb 02,  · "Dead Man Walking" is a piece of incredible filmmaking.

All the acting is top-notch and realistic, and the script examines the issue of the death penalty from both sides, paying equal homage to both.

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Above all, this is a deeply moving story of redemption, of death with dignity and loss of ego/10(K). Dante to Dead Man Walking: One Reader's Journey through the Christian Classics (Loyola Press) Author: Raymond A. Schroth. Further Study. Test your knowledge of Dead Man Walking with our quizzes and study questions, or go further with essays on the context and background and links to the best resources around the web.

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Downloading prezi... Sister Helen Prejean teaches at Hope High School and works with the poor of New Orleans when Chava Colon, representing an organization known as the Prison Coalition, asks if she will become a pen pal with a prisoner.
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Dead Man Walking is a beautifully-made film. Director Tim Robbins, who co-wrote the script with Prejean, sets the ugliness of his death row convict and that man's violent actions against a moving Pakistani Sufi devotional chanting-influenced score by David Robbins. Dead Man Walking (SparkNotes Literature Guide) (SparkNotes Literature Guide Series) - Kindle edition by SparkNotes.

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