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Psychosexual development Sigmund Freud believed that we all had a conscious, preconscious, and unconscious level. In the conscious, we are aware of our mental process. The preconscious involves information that, though not currently in our thoughts, can be brought into consciousness.

Developing psych

By Sharie Stines, Psy. Here are some of the basic ideas regarding this type of therapy, which are ingenious.

Developing psych

Transactional Analysis is a brief therapy, which is reality based and involves personal responsibility and action. Following are some important definitions needed in order to understand how TA works: The Child ego state feels and expresses the emotions of the person based on input from the external world.

This child state reacts against the controlling Parent. This child state reacts by conforming to what the Parent wants.

This ego state is curious and does what he wants as he explores the world. Spontaneous and child like ego state.

There are two different types of parent ego states: This is the caring ego state, one that offers love and concern for the Child. Critical or Controlling Parent: This persona acts as a data processor, analyzing the given information prior to making a Developing psych. Communications between the ego states of two or more people.

In fact, the ego state of one person can evoke the ego state of the other person. This occurs when the inviting Ego State evokes the invited Ego State to engage in an interaction.

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This occurs when the inviting Ego State receives a response from an uninvited Ego State. According to Berne, people communicate on two levels — the social message what people say and the psychological message what they mean.

Developing psych

In the case of the ulterior transaction, the explicit social conversation occurs parallel with an implicit psychological message. For example, on the surface two adults may appear to be talking to each other, while under the surface two Child Ego States are flirting. Berne describes these as fundamental units of social interaction.

A stroke is a unit of interaction. It provides recognition to the receiver. Strokes can be verbal or non-verbal, physical or psychological, and internal from the self or external from others.

Compliments and other types of positive recognition. Insults and other types of negative recognition. Strokes related to what you are — strokes for being. Strokes about what you do — strokes for doing.

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These are personal filters that individuals have to only allow certain strokes in and keep certain strokes out.

It is important to note that each person maintains his own life position by using filters. The method of studying interactions between people. There are many more definitions to sort through, such as Rackets and Stamp Collecting and Injunctions.

What is a Life Script? According to Berne, it is the mostly unconscious life plan that governs the way your life is lived out. Unconsciously, Life Scripts have a significant effect on how you live out your life.

They affect most of the decisions you make. They control what you think and they shape the image you have of yourself. What Life Scripts drive your life?

What are you doing to help yourself identify your Life Scripts? What Life Scripts would you like to change?Michele L. Zimmerman APRN CS BC is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatric nursing.

She has over thirty five years experience in mental health and has completed two years of post graduate training in family therapy. James Shamlin, LCSW (Clinical Director) “My greatest reward as the clinical director at Cranberry Psychological Center is the opportunity to work amongst a truly dedicated, compassionate, non-judgmental, and highly-talented staff who share such strong values in relation to helping our clients successfully reach their goals.

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We all want to be happy; according to the Dalai Lama, it is “the very purpose of our life.” Yet despite the incredible advancement of modern-day technology and society, few of us are happy.

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