History extended essay cold war

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History extended essay cold war

Cold War History Essay Writing Tips Wrting an essay about the Cold War has its own set of unique challenges, beyond those associated with writing a history essay on any topic.

There are pitfalls to avoid, as well as things that you should take into account. The most important are: Hindsight is a wonderful tool, but sometimes it can skew your perspective.

Specifically, don't write a history paper from the perspective that the way events turned out is the only way that they could have turned out.

Always put yourselves in the shoes of the people of the time—at least as best as you can. With regard to the Cold War, it's vital that you don't write your essay as if the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Yes, the United States exists and the Soviet Union does not.

Yes, Communism as a political movement is largely discredited while "Western capitalism" is alive and well. However, Cold War policymakers, journalists, and generals didn't know, inthat within the next thirty the Soviet Union and its ideology would collapse. Heck, political scientists in the s were flabbergasted when rolled along!

Therefore, when you're trying to understand and later explain Cold War decisions, you can't explain them from your own, hindsight-deluded, perspective.

History extended essay cold war

Think back in time, to when the red menace still ruled the Earth For example, the Soviet crushing of History extended essay cold war Hungarian Revolution in is nowadays often seen as one of the first steps in the eventual dissolution of the Soviet empire.

But, init may have seemed like exactly the opposite: The further you go in your education, the more political it gets. This is especially true in the Humanities and Social Sciences; this is especially true in History and Political Science. By the time you get to college and university, getting a good grade usually means—to a greater or lesser extent—appealing to your professor's political point of view.

You can whine about it, but that's the way it is. Now, ten or fifteen years ago, this meant, quite simply, being liberal. What did this entail, in a few blunt words: Those days are being left behind, however, and the political spectrum at institutes of higher learning is beginning to level out.

The Extended Essay is an individual project of 4000 words.

While this may be a good development in many ways, it makes writing papers a bit trickier, too. Now, you can't just assume your prof's a hardcore liberal and write a love letter to Khrushchev. Instead, you have to read your prof ask him or her pointed questions about current events, for example and find out what he or she is like.

Then tailor your essay to fit your prof's political views.

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You may not like it, but it's certainly a part of writing a "good" Cold War paper. Incidentally, since the Bush administration has done a fine job of raising the level of anti-Americanism beyond the US as well as within its own borders, you also have to factor that in.

Writing papers critical of US Cold War-era involvement in Latin America, for example, will get you better grades in this type of environment than an equally well-researched and well-written paper on why, for example, staging a coup in Chile and putting Pinochet into power wasn't so bad.

Politics isn't just in the past. Sources Finally, be aware of who you're reading. Cold War historians are infamous for filling their books with moral judgments—sometimes well hidden, so look carefully—of not only their subjects but also of other historians.

Their works may still be useful, but filter them by finding out a bit about who their authors are. Did they work in the State Department, did they stage small pro-Mao rallies in their spare time? This is good historical practice anyway, but even more so when dealing with modern history, and subjects like the Cold War.

Because there are historians who'll tell you, with a straight face, that America is the greatest thing to hit the world since sliced bread hello, Niall Ferguson! So take the time to get to know the personality behind the words.

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Essay on the Cold War: it’s Origin, Causes and Phases Essay on the Cold War:
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Cold War Essay Examples These two powers were on the opposite ends of the economic and political spectrum — the United States being the capitalist state, while the Soviet Union the Marxist-Lenin socialist state.

Tune in next week for more. Same Cold War time, same Cold War channel! It is divided into three general sections, of which the middle section is the longest and most directly concerned with the immediate history of the Cold War. The other two sections are context and aftermath.Infact, Cold War is a kind of verbal war which is fought through newspapers, magazines, radio and other propaganda methods.

It is a propaganda to which a great power resorts against the other power. It is a sort of diplomatic war.

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Jan 18,  · Cold War The cold war started in the year and continued till or December However many people still differ about the start and the end of the war.

Some consider the initial cause of the war to be the rising tension between the Soviet Union and the United States that worsened in between and Status: Resolved. The cold war is not only a period in international history but also a description of the overall relationship between the USA and USSR during that period.

There are three main views about the cold war. World history topic The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries This topic is divided into three themes which are explained below.

There are separate pages on each of the three areas of prescribed content which will give teaching ideas and essay frames. Nov 20,  · The Cold War () essay The Cold War is considered to be a significant event in Modern World History.

The Cold War dominated a rather long time period: between , or the end of the World War II, and , the collapse of the USSR/5(14). Name Extended Essay. Candidate Number History 0 IB History Extended Essay Received a B leslutinsduphoenix.com This document is in no way endorsed by the IBO, nor should it be used as such.5/5(1).

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