India and bangladesh border problem algebra

October 6, However, this will happen only if India successfully proves that the illegal immigrants are Bangladeshi nationals.

India and bangladesh border problem algebra

Along the largely porous boundary between Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal, cattle-raids and cattle-smuggling, often conducted by criminal gangs, raise hundreds of millions of dollars annually in illicit profits. The activity is so lucrative and dangerous that it often costs the lives of the perpetrators and innocent bystanders.

According to a report from Agence France-Presse AFPfour men suspected of cattle-rustling were burned to death by a rival criminal gang in a village called Balaram Jote in West Bengal near the Bangladesh border, about miles north of the city of Kolkata.

Jag Mohan, the police commissioner of Siliguri, a city in West Bengal near the site of the killings, said two of the bodies were found inside a burned-out van that also contained the carcass of one of the stolen cows, while the other two bodies were in the vicinity.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the incident was a fallout between two groups of [rival] cattle smugglers. The Calcutta [Kolkata] Telegraph newspaper reported that another police officer believes all the deceased were local residents — an area where cattle-raids are very common, often leading to deaths.

India and Bangladesh share a poorly patrolled 2,mile border through which cattle illegally moves into Bangladesh from various parts of northern and northeastern India.

Last September, Mridulananda Sharma, the superintendent of police of Dhubri, a town in the Indian state of Assam, just north of the Bangladesh border, suggested that cattle smuggling could be slowed down by tougher veterinary laws and migration rules.

Lawmakers fear that the depletion of local cattle would also hurt the farming economy on the Indian side of the border if police do not crack down on smuggling.

Putul Chandra Roy Pradhani, the organizing secretary of the All Assam Students Union AASUwhich is better known for campaigning against illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, warned that strict legislation must be passed against cattle raiders as well.

But those rules and regulations are not being strictly imposed now. Periodically, the Indian media reports on the seizures of illegal cattle cargoes, with little impact on the level of trafficking. However, the problem of cattle smuggling is simply too large and too profitable -- especially for poor isolated rural communities on either side of the border — for under-resourced police and border officers to stamp out.

Cattle smuggled into Islamic-dominated Bangladesh are typically sold at fairs, to slaughterhouses and used for Muslim observances and ritual sacrifices. Himal suggested that border patrol officers in both India and Bangladesh profit from the illegal smuggling by taking bribes to guarantee safe passage for the cattle in order to supplement their otherwise meager salaries.

Customs officials and politicians in India also feed at this gravy train.

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Media reports have implied that some of the people who are wounded or killed along this lawless border were targeted for assassination by border guards themselves if they felt their bribe payments were insufficient.

Underlying this subject of cattle smuggling, of course, is the reverence for cows in Hindu-dominated India. The slaughter of cattle is illegal in most Indian provinces and regarded with horror by most devout Hindus.

Nonetheless, India boasts a large and growing beef export market although that comes principally from buffaloes, not cows.

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Still, this is something Bangladesh highlights when insisting they should be able to legally purchase Indian cattle. Himal estimated that up to 25, Indian cows illegally enter Bangladesh from West Bengal every single day, suggesting the enormous scale of the trafficking.

Bimal Pramanik, an independent researcher in Kolkata, told the Monitor that Bangladesh has an insatiable demand for beef. Bangladeshi officials and human rights activists propose that smuggling and the violence that surrounds the dangerous trade could be eliminated if New Delhi simply legalized and normalized [cow] beef exports to Bangladesh.

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ABC reported on a year-old Hindu Indian boy named Utpal Mondan near the Bangladesh border who switched from farm labor to cow-smuggling in order to earn enough money to feed his family. Many incidents like this have happened in my village area. Roy added that BSF have ignored directives from the Indian Government to only use rubber bullets when firing on border-crossers.

The Hindu newspaper noted that the riverine nature of much of the Indian-Bangladesh border actually benefits the smugglers.

Rohingya face 'crackdown' in Bangladesh The Western countries have ID system, by which they have been able to reduce the illegal immigration. The US too has ID system, and is capable of reducing illegal immigration to a near zero level.
'India China Border' - 94 News Result(s) There is much that unites the two countries — a shared history and common heritage, linguistic and cultural ties, passion for music, literature and the arts. The two countries developed different Cold War alliances in the s, which further chilled bilateral relations.
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So the smugglers merely float the cattle in the water sometimes with a courier who swims across with them.

Their counterparts on the other side will merely pull the animals out of the water. The animal hangs by its neck and is then just swung across to the other side of the fence. The system is certainly cruel, but effective.The India–Bangladesh enclaves, also known as the chitmahals (Bengali: ছিটমহল chitmôhol) and sometimes called pasha enclaves, were the enclaves along the Bangladesh–India border, in Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam and Meghalaya.

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india and bangladesh border problem algebra

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You can choose to include answers and step-by-step solutions. A Border Security Force (BSF) personnel patrols near the India Bangladesh fencing border ahead of 72nd Independence Day celebrations, at Lankamura village in Agartala, the capital of northeastern.

Algebra Word Problems Many algebra problems are about number relationships. In most word problems, one number is defined by describing its relationship to another number. One other fact, such as the sum or product of the numbers, is also given. To solve the problem. May 04,  · 'The Pakistan army feels it can inflict a similar defeat on India in Kashmir and make it "India's Bangladesh".' 'But comparing Bangladesh of with the . (Aug. 11, ) Bangladesh and India have resolved a decades-old border issue through a land swap agreement that started with a physical exchange of enclaves on July 31, , to continue in phases between that date and June 30, (Bangladesh, India in .

India and Bangladesh share a poorly patrolled 2,mile border through which cattle illegally moves into Bangladesh from various parts of northern and northeastern India. Not surprisingly, for example, the Border Defense Cooperation Agreement, the last major pact signed by the two sides on building border confidence, was made between PLA Lieutenant-General Sun Jianguo and India’s defense secretary at the time, R K Mathur.

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