Learning environments dissertations

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Learning environments dissertations

Abordonado, Valentina Abstract There is burgeoning scholarship relating to cyber-bullying in middle and high school settings.

When cyber-bullying occurs among adults it is known as cyber-harassment.

Learning environments dissertations

Online higher education has exploded in terms of growth in the last several years. Related literature including university policies and online teaching guides suggested there may be a cyber-harassment problem in online learning in higher education as well although no quantitative evidence of cyber-harassment in online learning in higher education currently exists.

The purpose of this study was to use a quantitative approach to explore the nature of and extent to which students and faculty experience and report cyber-harassment in and as a result of the online learning settings of colleges and universities.

The study was conducted at a large, private, non-profit, liberal arts university in Hawaii. The study is based on online student participants and 56 online faculty participants. This much higher rate of cyber-harassment for faculty is statistically significant. Those students and faculty over the age of 35 also suffered cyber-harassment at a higher and statistically significant rate in or as a result of online courses.

Less than half of those cyber-harassed in this context reported it. Preventions and solutions for practice and prescriptions for future research are recommended.Research on values-based leadership in the construction industry poses interesting challenges.

Park () performed an empirical study to investigate the perceptual process of top managers of U.S. construction firms and to examine its relationship with organizational commitment to innovation and internationalization.

Follow. Submissions from PDF. A Phenomenological Study on Motivational Factors Toward the Longevity of Christian School Teachers, Rochelle Achuff. PDF. Job Satisfaction and Self-Efficacy Score Differences in General and Special Education Teachers as Measured by the Job Satisfaction Survey and Teachers' Sense of Efficacy Scale, Angela Alford.

PDF. Recommended Citation. Scoggin, Daryl Joe, "The Relative Value of Online Learning Environments As Perceived by High School Teachers" (). Dissertations. Therefore, the traditional "algorithmic" way of teaching mathematics has not fully prepared students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers in mathematics.

As a result, this study proposed a shift in the learning environment in mathematics. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Learning organization is the ability to acquire knowledge, skills, innovation that has the potential to influence behavior which takes place in all levels of the organization.

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