Modernism great gatsby

Modernism was a philosophical and artistic movement of the early 20th century which portrayed the world of men as a harsh, hostile environment in which life had lost its meaning and men and women were isolated from each other, struggling to survive alone. This world is one in which our dreams are unrealistic and futile.

Modernism great gatsby

Right after the First World War, the values, lifestyles, norms and culture on the whole, started to undergo a dramatic change. The new trends gave birth to some new aspects of life and shattered the Victorian values in turn.

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This seismic shift found a spacious room in literature. The literature of this period is characterized by experimentation with literary form and a sense of alienation among its authors. This is visible in a great number of literary works such as T.

The concept of Modernism means a radical shift in aesthetic and cultural sensibilities evident in the art and literature of the post- World War period. Therefore, modernism breaks with Victorian Modernism great gatsby morality and rejects the optimism prevailing that era.

Modernist launched a wide variety of literary tactics and devises with which they were successfully able to break with the past and came up with new form fitting in tackling modern issues.

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Scott Fitzgerald in most of his artistic works conveys the prevailing mood in the America of twenties. He depicts the hysterical atmosphere, the political corruption and the social problems not a rich background to enrich his writing, he mocks at the immorality of the golden age.

Thus, this research paper sets out to study the major aspects of Modernism as that were used by F. Scott Fitzgerald to treat some of the emerging issues immediately after the World War.

Some of these issues have to do with the death of religion resulted from an immense devotion to materialism and pursuit of happiness; the corruption, loss and the death of spirit as the driving force behind the failure of American Dream.

There are several themes dealt with throughout the novel, The Great Gatsby. Some of the key themes have to do with decay, honesty, gender roles, class, religion, money, loss ,American Dream…etc.

Money Money or wealth tends to be one of the key themes prevailing the whole novel. This immense devotion to wealth is obviously represented by Buchanan family. The latter is known for its huge amount of money embodied in the enormous palace they live in.

Daisy, born and married to wealth, has no values and no purpose in life. She finds her existence to be boring as she floats from one social scene to the next; usually she is dressed in white with accents of gold and silver the colors of money ; even her voices sounds like money.

In spite of the wealth, she verbally wonders what she will do with the next day, the next thirty days, and the next thirty years; unfortunately, she does not have a clue.

Because of her boredom, she has an affair with Gatsby when she is eighteen, for she is attracted by his good looks and his army uniform. After her marriage to Tom, she has another affair with Gatsby to relieve her boredom.

She does not value the feelings of others or even human life. When she hits and kills Myrtle Wilson, she does not even stop. When Gatsby is shot, she does not even telephone or send flowers.

Spiritual Shallowness Admittedly, death of spiritualism and the money are interconnected.Great Gatsby Essay The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald shows many examples of modernism.

Fitzgerald shows many modernism techniques like loss of control, alienation, corruption of the American Dream, breaking society’s rules and feeling restless. In The Great Gatsby, a novel by F.

Modernism great gatsby

Scott Fitzgerald, these controversies that divided the generations of the s included prohibition, and the right to personal freedoms and compares and contrast new money versus old money and modernism versus traditionalism.

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MODERNISM IN THE GREAT GATSBY First, The Great Gatsby is a truly modernist novel and set the tone for the movement that is renown today. But how exactly modernism is presented in this novel?

Like I mentioned earlier in the introduction; modernism is a . MODERNISM IN THE GREAT GATSBY First, The Great Gatsby is a truly modernist novel and set the tone for the movement that is renown today.

But how exactly modernism is presented in this novel?/5(1).

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