Movie review the dark knight rises

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Movie review the dark knight rises

After many years of being lost from the public eye, Bruce Wayne has found there is an evil brewing in Gotham City. Desperate to prove something to himself and those he loves, he returns to wear the bat-suit.

Wayne finds an aggressive enemy in the form of a dark and demented fellow named Bane. Soon, the two are battling not for the love of a woman, but for the future of the entire city? For the first half hour or so as I sat back to take in Christopher Nolan?

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The emergence of Bane Tom Hardy is exciting, just not as impressive as the reveal of the Joker the late Heath Ledger in the previous film. This is not to say that the moment isn? However, Tom Hardy with his deep throaty growl underneath an ugly metal mask helps to make him one hell of a villain.

He is a vicious brawny monster that seeks to free the people from a corrupt society that made a hero out of Harvey Dent Aaron Eckhart. He seeks to save the public from their shackles only Movie review the dark knight rises be chained by his own.

This would be exceedingly effortless for him if only Batman refused to return to save his beloved Gotham. This latest chapter is deeper than simply bad versus good or right versus wrong for the most part. It deftly examines Bruce Wayne Christian Bale after his alter ego has been deemed a villain.

Movie review the dark knight rises

Since the previous film, Batman has been blamed for murdering Dent by a city with no knowledge of the actual events that transpired. One incredibly great moment features Jim Gordon Gary Oldman publicly praising Dent for his legacy which presumably has left the city free from organized crime?

He does so at risk of exposing a truth which he feels may do more harm than good. When Bane explodes into the town with words challenging authority as he claims the desire to give back the government to?


Much like the film? There are many themes that bleed throughout Nolan?

Movie review the dark knight rises

The story examines such complicated issues as class struggle, social structure, morality and so much more. It carefully explores so many different layers that you begin to realize the need for the two-hour and forty-five minute running time.

So much is packed into this final chapter that the longer than average running time feels absolutely necessary.

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While not all of it is completely effective - most notably the ho-hum romance between Wayne and Miranda Tate Marion Cotillard? RISES completes the trilogy in a rewarding fashion without cheapening the grandeur of the series. There is no fear that this was simply a cash grab sequel, as this proves that Nolan clearly had a direction that he wanted to pursue.

This is an indisputably well crafted feature that may not have the same level of thrills as the masterful performance that Ledger gave, yet it makes for a near perfect end. Thus, Bale gives his best performance in the series thanks to the time spent examining Wayne and his destructive path.

His character is forced to overcome a series of obstacles that is near maddeningly impossible. Early on when he faces a ferocious and methodical Bane, there is as much at stake to his inner peace as is his already wounded mortal body.

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

One of the best sequences in the film offers us a little back-story on Bane as he offers Wayne the same chance we are lead to believe he was given.“The Dark Knight Rises” suffers from the same cloudburst that many final parts of trilogies endure: length.

Nolan’s epic close is no exception, spanning many more minutes than truly necessary, causing the adventure to dawdle and the tension to wane. Dark Knight Rises Synopsis: Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” is the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Christian Bale again plays the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

In its own way, The Dark Knight Rises is a legitimately genuine “comic-book film”, in that it shoots for the heavens instead of plumbing the depths; Mr Nolan, as a fan of Batman for decades, I thank you for finally erasing the pain of Batman & Robin and giving us the Dark Knight we deserve.

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Review: The Dark Knight Rises. July 18, by: JimmyO. PLOT: After many years of being lost from the public eye, Bruce Wayne has found there is an evil brewing in Gotham City. Desperate to prove. As an action movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” is quite successful, involving in the moment, although not quite as memorable or darkly humorous as the best of its predecessor, “The Dark Knight.” The scale and the drive are consuming (even if Hans Zimmer’s score is too heavy-handed).

“The Dark Knight Rises” doesn’t really rise to the occasion. This concluding movie in the "Batman" trilogy isn’t just dark, it’s pitch black.

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