Should all school subjects and activities be compulsory essay

There are many compulsory subjects at school nowadays They cause a lot of hardship for every student because not all of them are good at every subject Author: The time has come. Essays-School sport should not be compulsory I strongly belive that sport at school should not be compulsory for subjects school compulsory essay a optional subject, schools would see.

Should all school subjects and activities be compulsory essay

Hire Writer Many of us may reason that the same benefits can be achieved by sports that require only one person per team, such as tennis singles or squash, so what makes team sports so special?

The answer to this is that there are an incalculable number of skills that we can benefit from taking part in team sports but that cannot be gained from sports for individuals, including teamwork, communication and leadership skills, as well as the promotion of self-belief and self-discipline.

These are all skills that we will need, not only when we are applying for a job, but they are also essential for the near-future, when we are applying for a place at university, so we need to get involved in team sports as soon as possible.

Although we have all been at the same school for the past four years, most of us do not actually know the name of every person in our year group. I fall into this category too. However, if team sports were a compulsory part of the school curriculum, we would all get to know each other better, whether we are on the same team or on opposing teams, and so everyone will get a chance to make new friends.

Furthermore, we will be able to eliminate any bullying that is currently existent within the school, and everyone will feel more comfortable going to school. Not only can we access all these benefits from team sports, but the fact that it can be a compulsory part of our school timetable means that we will not have to be restricted to sitting in classrooms all day!

In addition to this, a number of people in our year group are exceptionally talented at sports but they may not be very proficient academically. These people have never been given a chance to display their talent at school.

Nevertheless, making team sports compulsory can easily amend this, and everyone will be good at something at school. Last week a survey was undertaken for our year group, asking people whether they would participate in a team sport if team sports were not compulsory at school.

Extra-curricular activities should be made compulsory in school

The response was that only sixty percent of pupils would be involved in a team sport remember that this was before you heard my astounding and mind-blowing speech.

Therefore, seventy-two people in our year group would be excluded from the advantages of team sports if it were an option and so, it is obvious that making sport involvement compulsory will mean that more people will participate in sports.

Furthermore, making team sport involvement compulsory augments the incentive to participate because there is pressure on players to engage themselves in the game by the other members of the team.

Should all school subjects and activities be compulsory essay

In conclusion, then, although the proposition of making team sports a compulsory part of the school curriculum would have to be implemented at the expense of academic subjects, it is essential for our school because it improves our fitness and ability to communicate with others.

It is important to point out that we all need to have a balance of academic and practical skills in the correct proportions, and compulsory team sports supports us in achieving this. Thank you for being such a good audience, and I hope that my speech has influenced your position on the subject.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:While teaching a dance class, definitely not compulsory, at a local high school, I was met with this statement from the school registrar at a time when the students in the class were less than stellar, to put it mildly, and things were not going well for me.

This essay will argue that design should be a compulsory subject in high school for the following reasons: improvement of average level of design skill and knowledge, enrichment of students’ imagination and creativity and connection with other subjects.

Should sport be compulsory?

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I think so. Sport has many social and health benefits for everyone. And should education only be based on academic things? NO! There are many health benefits to be gained from participating in sport. Since children have to run a lot in most sports, the children will drop.

subjects in secondary schools — should subjects like science be compulsory? The purpose of the New Zealand education system is to equip all New Zealanders with the knowledge, skills, and values to be successful citizens. Sport At School Should Not Be Compulsory Essays: Over , Sport At School Should Not Be Compulsory Essays, Sport At School Should Not Be Compulsory Term Papers, Sport At School Should Not Be Compulsory Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Most high school students believe they do not have sufficient time, opportunity or guidance to participate in physical activities. The ideal place in which students would be able to find adequate time, opportunity and guidance are in the high schools themselves.

Should team sports be a compulsory part of the school curriculum – Assignment Example