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Spm dialogue

Story[ edit ] The inter-dimensional wedding, where the Chaos Heart is created.

Spm dialogue

The story opens with Mario and Luigi being informed by Toad about Princess Peach's latest kidnapping. Believing Bowser to be the culprit once again, the brothers immediately head off to his castleonly to find him preparing to attack.

A villain named Count Bleck then Spm dialogue with his assistant, Nastasia and Princess Peach, who is his prisoner. He announces his Spm dialogue to use Peach "to destroy all worlds"renders Mario unconscious with his dark powers, and kidnaps Bowser as well, with Luigi and the Koopa Troop being sucked away too.

Mario in Chapterflipped to the 3-D dimension. Elsewhere, Peach regains consciousness to find that she and Bowser are dressed in wedding outfits and standing at an altar, with Count Bleck officiating.

Nastasia uses mind control powers to force Peach to say "I do", and the marriage between her and Bowser calls forth the Chaos Heart. Luigi awakens in the Koopa crowd watching the ceremony and attempts to intervene, but he is too late as Bleck uses the Chaos Heart to open a dimensional rift known as The Voidfulfilling a prophecy he read in an ancient book known as the Dark Prognosticusin which all worlds are destroyed.

Back at Bowser's Castle, Mario is awakened by a Pixl named Tippiwho brings him to the town of Flipside and introduces him to Merlon. He owns the benevolent counterpart of Bleck's book, the Light Prognosticuswhich indicates that a hero fitting Mario's description can stop the Void, which is visible in the sky above Flipside and slowly Spm dialogue.

If Mario refuses, he'll get a Game Over. Upon receiving the first Pure Heart, Mario has to place it into the first Heart Pillar to cause a door to appear on the top of Flipside Tower leading straight to Linelandwhere the next Pure Heart is.

Merlon also tells Mario that he must also learn the "dimensional technique" from his friend Bestovius there in order to find the rest of the Pure Hearts.

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Count Bleck promises to replace the destroyed worlds with a perfect world where all his minions' dreams will come true, and when Nastasia mentions that the hero of prophecy may be active, O'Chunks volunteers to take care of him, with Dimentio tagging along to watch the show. Lineland [ edit ] Mario proceeding in Lineland.

In Lineland, Mario first seeks out Bestovius and gains the ability to flip into the third dimension, allowing him to progress through the world.

The next Pure Heart is guarded by the robotic dragon, Fracktailbut while he recognizes Mario as the legendary hero, before he can let the plumber pass, Dimentio appears and corrupts the dragon's mind, causing him to attack. Mario is forced to defeat him before proceeding inside the sanctum of the ruins, where he is given a Pure Heart by Merluminaone of the ancients who wrote the Light Prognosticus and lingered after death to await the hero.

Interlude Meanwhile, O'Chunks reports back to Castle Bleck in shame, so the Count sends Mimi to deal with the hero, while Nastasia goes to look for any "goons" in the castle who still aren't under the Bleck's control. Soon after, Peach now in her usual pink dress wakes up in Castle Bleck and joins two Koopas in search of an exit, but they are soon cornered by Nastasia, who brainwashes Bowser's minions.

Peach, however, is teleported away before she can be hypnotized. Far away, Mario returns to Flipside to bring the Pure Heart to Merlon, and the group learns from a panicking citizen that a girl has fallen from the sky.

They then go to investigate, and discover that the girl is Peach, whom they revive with Spicy Soup. Feeling responsible for the opening of the Void, Peach insists on joining Mario in his quest and helps him reach the next Heart Pillar, and Merlon sends them through the new orange door to the next world; Gloam Valley.

Gloam Valley [ edit ] Peach traveling in Gloam Valley. At the mansion, Mimi is waiting in disguise as Merlee 's maid and uses various tricks and traps to try and stop Mario and Peach from getting deeper into the building, including forcing them to work in the mansion's power plant to work off a phony debt she levied on them for the apparent breaking of a vase.

With help from another new Pixl, Slimthe heroes outwit Mimi and enter the mansion's basement, where a spectral Merlee appears and warns them to be careful as they search for her.

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Mimi shape-shifts into Merlee to try and trick Mario and Peach once more but when the truth is discovered she reverts to her true spider-like form and chases them around the basement as they seek out the real Merlee, who had hidden in a bathroom. After more attempted trickery, Mimi fights the heroes, but Merlee weakens her with magical chanting and she is defeated and forced to flee.

Merlee then gives the third Pure Heart to Mario and Peach and informs them that there are a total of four heroes needed to stop the Void. Interlude With Mimi defeated, Count Bleck decides to send Dimentio to go after the hero of prophecy, while Nastasia resumes her hunt for non-hypnotized stragglers around the castle.

Meanwhile, Luigi wakes up and is manipulated by two Goombas into helping them find a way out, but they run into Nastasia. One of the Goombas is hypnotized and the other Goomba joins Nastasia's side, and they restrain Luigi so that Nastasia can brainwash him as well.

After finding the third Heart Pillar, a yellow door to The Bitlands appears on the tower. Upon the heroes' arrival in the pixelated Bitlands, Tippi is kidnapped by the geeky, butterfly-collecting chameleon, Francis. Another Pixl named Barry witnessed the scene from behind a bush and tells the heroes how to reach Fort Francis.

After passing through an underground area just like World in Super Mario Bros. Bowser explains that he was locked up in Bleck's Castle and doesn't know how he appeared in the Bitlands, and with some persuasion, agrees to join Peach and Mario on their journey.

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