The reasons behind the cold war essay

Essay on the Cold War: One nation tried to reduce the power of other. Indirectly the competition between the Super Powers led to the Cold War.

The reasons behind the cold war essay

Continue reading for more information on each of these reasons for war. Economic Gain Often wars are caused by one country's wish to take control of another country's wealth. Whatever the other reasons for a war may be, there is almost always an economic motive underlying most conflicts, even if the stated aim of the war is presented to the public as something more noble.

In pre-industrial times, the gains desired by a warring country might be precious materials such as gold and silver, or livestock such as cattle and horses. In modern times, the resources that are hoped to be gained from war take the form of things like oil, minerals, or materials used in manufacturing.

These wars led to the establishment of British colonial rule in India, which gave Britain unrestricted access to exotic and valuable resources native to the Indian continent. A strategic map of central Europe from Territorial Gain A country might decide that it needs more land, either for living space, agricultural use, or other purposes.

Related to buffer zones are proxy wars. These are conflicts that are fought indirectly between opposing powers in a third country.

Each power supports the side which best suits their logistical, military, and economic interests. Proxy wars were particularly common during the Cold War.

Serbo-Bulgarian War — Bulgaria and Serbia fought over a small border town after the river creating the border between the countries moved.

Religion Religious conflicts often have very deep roots. They can lie dormant for decades, only to re-emerge in a flash at a later date.

Reasons behind the Start of Cold War

Religious wars can often be tied to other reasons for conflict, such as nationalism or revenge for a perceived historical slight in the past. While different religions fighting against each other can be a cause of war, different sects within a religion for example, Protestant and Catholic, or Sunni and Shiite battling against one another can also instigate war.

The aim of crusaders was to expel Islam and spread Christianity. The wars were fought between the orthodox Catholic and Muslim populations of former Yugoslavia. Second Sudanese Civil War — This ethnoreligious war was caused by the Muslim central government's choice to impose sharia law on non-muslim southerners.

Russian soldiers in ceremonial uniforms. Most military groups have traditions, customs, special dress and awards that provide soldiers with recognition within a wider cultural framework.

Nationalism Nationalism in this context essentially means attempting to prove that your country is superior to another by violent subjugation. This often takes the form of an invasion.

Richard Ned Lebow, Professor of International Political Theory at the Department of War Studies, Kings College London, contends that while other causes of war may be present, nationalism, or spirit, is nearly always a factor. In his essay " Most wars are not fought for reasons of security or material interests, but instead reflect a nation's spirit ," he writes:The Second World War has its significance in the discussion of Cold War because the war started immediately after the Second World War.

The ideological, political and economic differences between the United States and Soviet Union were not much prominent before the World War II however; mutual suspicions and distrust intensified the differences . Nov 20,  · The Cold War () essay The Cold War is considered to be a significant event in Modern World History.

The Cold War dominated a rather long time period: between , or the end of the World War II, /5(14). The Reasons behind the Cold War Essay Words | 6 Pages The Cold war was a sustained state of military and political tension between powers of two dominating powers from opposite sides of the globe.

A helpful cold war essay example The cold war is an influential event in human history because this ideologically-driven conflict of powerful states had a potential to destroy humanity.

The causes that led to the beginning of Cold War are a pretty debatable issue.

The reasons behind the cold war essay

Taking into consideration the fact that Cold War doubles as the conflict, which covers two lands (the USSR and the USA) and two ideologies (Communism and Capitalism), one may point out top four reasons behind the Cold War. Well, in the early days of the Cold War itself, American historians would have answered, nearly unanimously, that the Soviets started the Cold War.

Joseph Stalin was an evil dictator, propelled by an evil communist ideology to attempt world domination.

Primary causes behind the start of the Cold War Essay