Uark ag business plan

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Uark ag business plan

Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Website The Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness offers a major with three concentrations that lead to a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree.

The department also offers a minor in Agricultural Business.

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The agricultural business major provides education suited to career opportunities in farm management, agricultural business management, and agricultural marketing in both the domestic and international areas. Managers of farms and agricultural businesses are continually required to make organizational and operational decisions.

uark ag business plan

The basic skills and knowledge needed for making sound decisions are provided by the agricultural business curriculum.

Students may elect to specialize in areas compatible with their personal objectives, depending on the extent of accounting and business orientation desired. Students educated in agricultural business are in demand for positions in agricultural industries, farm operation, marketing agencies, agricultural service organizations, state and federal agencies, and numerous other positions.

For those who go on to graduate school, teaching and research positions are available with land-grant colleges as well as with other institutions.

Three concentrations are available to meet career objectives: Course work that meets state minimum core requirements is in bold.The College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences' undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs equip students with the necessary skills for employment in agriculture, food, and human environmental science industries.

Agricultural Business B.S.A. with Management and Marketing Concentration Agricultural Business B.S.A.

uark ag business plan

with Pre- Law Concentration Agricultural Education Communication and Technology B.S.A. Seeking admission to the University of Arkansas? Take time to explore what we offer. We think you’ll like what you find.

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Advising Worksheets Below you will find advising worksheets which will be used to map out your undergraduate degree program. Note that the top-most section contains advising worksheets for the current academic year, while those .

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Walton College of Business is one of the Top 30 Public Business Schools, according to U.S. News and World Report. Earning a bachelor’s degree in business from Walton College can open doors to career opportunities and give you an edge in a competitive business environment.

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