Write a note on computer utility program

History of computingHistory of programming languagesand History of software Early programmable machines[ edit ] The earliest programmable machines preceded the invention of the digital computer. InJoseph-Marie Jacquard devised a loom that would weave a pattern by following a series of perforated cards. Patterns could be woven and repeated by arranging the cards. In the textile industry, yarn was brought from the store to be milled.

Write a note on computer utility program

To detect, trace and eliminate errors in computer programs. Users must either specify which of these keys they wish to use, or set their communication software to match whichever key the network expects.

Supports booting workstations and other devices that need information from outside before they can complete the booting process, such as an IP number or name of program file to download.

write a note on computer utility program

Typically, you use a dictionary file and a datafile together with statistical software; the statistical software uses the dictionary so that you may specify variables by name, rather than having to specify their locations in the file.

Files written with direct access do not have to be read sequentially starting at the beginning. Typically implemented as a file that contains pointers directions to files or other directories. Magnetic medium for data storage. Either "floppy" diskettes K to 1.

The most widely used kind is the cathode-ray tube. Access to the data involves more than one database server. Clients may have to connect to more than one server directly and integrate the data they receive according to the applications needs.

By extension, any record that has permanence and that can be read by human or machine. Also instructional material specifying the inputs, operations and outputs of a computer program or system.

A Microsoft program that controls a computers transfer of data to and from a hard or floppy disk. Also the name of an old operating system on IBM mainframes. The dots are formed by pins striking a ribbon against the paper, one pin for each dot position.

The printer may be a serial printer printing one character at a time or a line printer. It may be shut down for maintenance, hardware failure, or failure of the operating system or user program. For example, dragging a files icon into the printool application causes it to be printed.

As a verb, refers to a large amount of data. E To enter, modify or delete data. Information exchanged by electronic means in a manner analogous to that provided by the postal service.

Often used interchangeably with return key. The computing environment may be influenced by software, such as the operating system for example, a UNIX environment or the vendor for example, an IBM environment. Ethernet A local area network originally developed by Xerox for linking personal computers.

Later adapted by DEC and Intel as well and subsequently adopted as an international standard called It transmits data at 10 megabits per second. All computers on a network were originally connected to a coaxial cable up to one kilometer. Each computer monitors all transmissions, looking for packets containing its identifier as the destination.

Only one signal may be present on the channel at a time and no single computer controls transmissions. F fiber optics A high speed channel for transmitting data. Made of high-purity glass sealed within an opaque tube. Much faster than conventional copper wire such as coaxial cable.

The particular field is always used to record the same kind of information. In free field records, each field has an identifier that is present in the record and linked to the contents of the field. A file may contain program instructions or data, which may be numerical, textual or graphical information.

It "serves" this information to other computers via the network when users enter their personal access codes. Every user has a folder for new messages, and on most systems may create other folders for specific purposes.

Used as a verb, it means to put data into a predetermined structure or divide a storage medium, such as a disk into sectors, so that it is ready to receive data. A high level scientific programming language. A collection of information on the basics of any given subject. Often put together and archived on a server so that people don't waste bandwidth asking simple questions.

A program that allows for file transfers over the Internet. G Unwanted or meaningless information in memory, on disk or on a tape.

write a note on computer utility program

A device or set of devices that connects two or more networks, enabling data transfer between them.Apr 17,  · I have an 8GB Mentor media sent by Dell to install Windows 8 on a replacement HD. When tried to write to it or format got the message "write protected".

Apr 30,  · How to Write Your First Program in Java. Java is an object-oriented programming language created in by James Gosling, which means that it represents concepts as "objects" with "fields" (which are attributes that describe the object) Views: K.

Write-back support. UBIFS supports write-back, which means that file changes do not go to the flash media straight away, but they are cached and go to the flash later, when it is absolutely necessary. Utility software is system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer.

It is used to support the computer infrastructure in contrast to application software, which is aimed at directly performing tasks . Computer programming is the process of writing or editing source leslutinsduphoenix.comg source code involves testing, analyzing, refining, and sometimes coordinating with other programmers on a jointly developed program.

Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

It measures the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer that are echoed back to the source. The name comes from active sonar terminology that sends a pulse of sound and listens for the echo to detect objects under.

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