Writing about films

Johnson, Salisbury University Part of being a good film student is knowing the language of film.

Writing about films

Visit my website for more articles about writing and creativity: And what could be better than watching a movie about a writer?

Films about writers often give me an extra boost of inspiration and motivation. Seeing someone on the big screen struggling to craft their story reminds me that writing is a process. There will be ups and downs, but we have to keep striving forward.

I chose to watch Miserythe intense thriller based on the novel by Stephen King about a writer who gets kidnapped and tortured by his number one fan. It got me thinking about the lessons about writing that we can learn from movies like these. This list is far writing about films exhaustive.

It is not meant to writing about films the top ten best writing films of all time believe me, there are many more fantastic movies about writing, and I could probably have made this list more than twice as long with all of them.

These are just ten entertaining films in no particular order that serve up some insightful lessons about writing and the writing process.

I hope they will give you an extra boost of inspiration and motivation too! After a famous author is…www.

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Best-selling novelist Paul Sheldon James Caan plans to end his career as a romance writer and focus on more serious novels. However, when a psychopathic fan Kathy Bates rescues him from a car crash and traps him in her home, he soon finds that switching careers will be much more difficult than he had originally thought.

Well, I learned that some fans of your work might be crazy and try to kill you. All joking aside, I think this movie really does show how powerfully our writing can affect those who read it, how it can fill a void in their lives, for better or worse.

That is a big responsibility for the writer. It also shows the importance of heeding your creative impulses. Midnight in Paris Directed by Woody Allen. While on a trip to Paris with his…www. Gil Pender Owen Wilsona successful but unhappy screenwriter, is struggling to write his first novel.

Okay, this film might just be on this list because F. Scott Fitzgerald one of my favorite writers makes an appearance. Sunset Boulevard Directed by Billy Wilder.

A screenwriter is hired…www. I love the fact that he became a director so that he could have full control over the screenplays that he wrote. He always considered himself a writer first and foremost, and that allowed him to create several thought-provoking films about the struggles of writers.

Joe Gillis William Holden is a hack writer, trying to make it big in Hollywood until he meets Norma Desmond Gloria Swansona long forgotten silent movie star who hires him to help her write a screenplay for her film comeback. First of all, this is easily one of the best films of all time.

It also has a lot to say about not becoming a sellout. The film shows the devastating consequences when someone wastes their talent and becomes distracted from pursuing their dreams. The ups and downs of a…www. Katrin Hanson Barbara Bel Geddesan aspiring young writer, tells the story of her childhood in turn of the century San Francisco.

Her parents are Norwegian immigrants who struggle to make ends meet but manage to provide a loving home for their children. Irene Dunne shines in the role of the wise and kind-hearted matriarch, Marta Hanson, who encourages Katrin to pursue her writing dreams. Katrin nearly gives up on writing after she keeps on receiving rejection slips.

Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin.TVAndMovies How To Write An Awesome Movie, According To Some Of Hollywood's Best Writers.

writing about films

Hollywood pros like Paul Feig, Richard Linklater, and Diablo Cody give their best tips and insights for. 6 Essential Screenwriting Tips for Writing Better Movie Dialogue StudioBinder, 2 years ago 6 1 min read D ialogue is one of the only things in a film that the entire audience will give their attention to at the same time.

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subscribe. Those great movies about the trials and tribulations of putting pen to paper. Movie essay Write a movie essay with a good analysis. Watching a movie is good fun; but how do you write about it? Are you going to just narrate the story to your readers or are you going to tell them how you enjoyed the whole experience?

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